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The pharmacy department is a significant ancillary department of AIIMS, Patna. The department procures drugs (Tablets, Injections, IV fluids, Surgical dressings, Disinfectants, and Chemicals, among others) via rate contract and local purchase, stores them according to established procedures, and distributes them to the various IPD Pharmacy outlets, wards, ICUs, OTs, and periphery units. There are now 31 pharmacy-trained professionals. Initially, pharmacy provided its services through a single pharmacy store. However, its services have been expanded to include more than six units, including an IPD pharmacy, an EHS pharmacy, an occupational therapy pharmacy, a COVID pharmacy, and a trauma pharmacy. The pharmacy department ensures that needed medicines are supplied at a fair cost and minimizes drug expiration and wastage.

Following the vision of AIIMS, Patna, the department of pharmacy strives to provide a continuous supply of high-quality and cost-effective pharmaceuticals, efficient utilization of pharmaceuticals by minimizing wastage, and pharmaceutical care that is based on the most recent evidence-based patient counselling, monitoring drug usage, and evaluation.

  • Central Pharmacy
    • Unit Pharmacy
      • IPD 5th Floor (OT Pharmacy)
      • Trauma Unit Pharmacy
      • IPD 1st Floor
      • COVID Pharmacy in IPD-ICU on 5th Floor
      • COVID Pharmacy on 3rd Floor
    • Miscellaneous Pharmacy
      • The miscellaneous pharmacy of the hospital specializes in outpatient or inpatient pharmaceutical services. It helps in managing medications prescribed for patients within the medical facility, supporting physicians, nurses by providing accurate medications and instructions to patients
    • The Lab Store, and
    • EHS Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy

In addition, the Central Pharmacy is responsible for providing medication requirements to peripheral pharmacies, receiving, storing, distributing, and dispensing drugs to peripheral pharmacies, as well as controlling all pharmacy units under the supervision of Dr. Mukta Agarwal, Faculty In-charge of Pharmacy, and Mr. Ambuj Kumar, In-charge of Pharmacy, respectively. A total of around 11217 items are covered by the pharmacy's rate contract. Including medications, surgical procedures, 2866 laboratory procedures, and 5409 implants.

The IPD has a 24-hour pharmacy on the first floor

IPD 1st Floor Unit Pharmacy is responsible for providing services for OPD Unit items for patients of CM/PM Funds as well as day care dossiers for minor procedures, and also, dispensing unit items for the ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, Ayush wards, and Trauma wards on the first and second floors during night times.

The IPD has a 24-hour pharmacy on 5th Floor OT Pharmacy

It is the responsibility of IPD 5th Floor OT Pharmacy to provide services for all dossier (both elective and emergency) unit items in the ICU, HDU, Post OP, endoscopy unit, and cath lab.

Trauma Unit Pharmacy

Trauma Unit Pharmacy is responsible for providing unit-level services to all wards and intensive care units within Trauma facilities.

EHS Pharmacy:

The EHS Pharmacy is in charge of making the medication available to EHS beneficiaries.

COVID ICU24-hour Pharmacy in 5th Floor IPD

The COVID ICU Pharmacy on the 5th floor of the IPD is responsible for providing unit products to the patients of the COVID ICU.

COVID 24-hour Pharmacy in 3rd Floor IPD

The COVID Pharmacy on the third floor of the IPD is responsible for providing unit products to the patients on the COVID ward.

Miscellaneous Pharmacy

General Pharmacy is responsible for dispensing all miscellaneous items, including medications and surgicals, to all wards, the ICU, and the Outpatient Treatment Center (OT).

Cold Storage Facility

Pharmaceutical refrigeration is provided for preserving lifesaving pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and anticancer medications within the appropriate storage temperature range in order to maintain the potency and efficacy of the drugs, vaccines, or anticancer medication.

Online Indenting

The central pharmacy and the peripheral pharmacy both have an online indenting service.


Pharmacy Formulary and Quality Control Committee: A committee for Formulary and Quality Control has been formed and has a strength of total seven doctors from diverse field and a pharmacist on the board. Dr. C.M. Singh is Chairman, Dr Subhas Kumar is Member Secretary with Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Dr. Ajeet Kumar, Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh, Dr. Mukta Agarwal, Dr. Shahin Ahmed & Mr. Ambuj Kumar, Pharmacist In-charge as members of the committee.

Local Purchase Committee (LPC): A local purchase committee is alsoin place which looks after the locally procured medicine/material. It has total 3 members with Dr Kranti Bhavana as its Chairman, Dr Yogesh Kumar and Mrs. Pushpa Kumari, Accounts Officer are honorary members of the committee.

Condemnation committee: A condemnation committee has been established in order to condemn pharmacy items that have been damaged or expired. Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Lokesh Kumar Tiwari and Mr. Gorakhnath Dewaikar (Pharmacist) are honorary members of the committee.