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AIIMS Patna campus covers an area of 66.5 acres, while the total built-up area of the campus is1,67,003 square metres, including 1,21,312 square metres of hospital space and 45,691 square metres of non-hospital space. Approximately 99 percent of phase – 1 work has been completed. The institute is located in the heart of city and is surrounded by lush greenery. Patna is located on the lower bank of the Ganges, which often results in flooding and the high water level, makes construction work tedious and futile. The city is also classified as zone-IV, a high seismic zone that necessitates numerous engineering safeguards during the pre- and post-construction stages. Summer temperatures in Patna range between 35 and 45 degrees Celsius. While in the Winter months, temperatures range from -1 to 30 degrees Celsius. Precipitation occurs frequently. Patna receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 1213.3mm.

Infrastructure Development
Various construction projects were completed during the 2020-21 fiscal year. Details of work completed in phases at the Institute, is as follows:
  1. The hospital building's MOT has been completed and has begun.
  2. Mortuary building construction has been completed and the operations have begun.
  3. The CCU area is operational.
  4. The NICU area is operational.
  5. The CSSD development has been completed and begun.
  6. The expansion of the radiotherapy department is completed
  7. The Auditorium's interiors are fully done and is functional, with a seating capacity of 920.
  8. All work associated with the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of pumping systems has been completed and is operational.
  9. The central sample collection centre’s construction in the Basement of OPD Block is complete and fully functional.
  10. Modular Kitchen renovation in Hospital Mess, Girls Mess& Boys Mess is completed.
  11. The new sewer line installation from the collection pit at Ayush PMR to the STP and from the STP to the canal outside the hostel area substation, as well as the sewer line connection in the Medical College Building, has been completed.
  12. The reconstruction of a fallen boundary wall near the Ayush PMR Block, is completed.
Ongoing work in Institute.
S.No.Name of WorkEstimated CostRemarks
1Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of VRV/VRF system in department of Radiotherapy at OPD block & Electrical substation no-3 at AIIMS PatnaRs. 54,32,116/-Work in Progress
2Construction of waiting hall near Trauma Building at AIIMS PatnaRs 10,42,926/-Work in Progress
3Construction of prefabricated pre engineering building at 1st floor Mortuary Block, AIIMS PatnaRs. 2,68,43,961/-Work in Progress
4Construction of ICU 6th floorRs 75,43,480/-Work in Progress
5Development of BMT (Bone Marrow Transmission) Unit at 4th Floor Connecting Corridor B/W A & B block, AIIMS Patna.)Rs. 1,50,55,710/-Work in Progress

Future Plans
S.No.Name of WorkEstimated CostRemarks
1Construction of prefabricated pre engineering building at 1st floor M.S Office & 2nd floor Blood bank, AIIMS Patna.Rs. 3,40,61,686/-Administrative approval received
2Renovation work of Auditorium AIIMS PatnaRs 25,42,058/-Administrative approval received
3Providing and fixing of BARBED WIRE over existing boundary wall of residential complex and girls hostel, Renovation of Ramp at Medical college, cement concrete pavement & premix carpet surfacing with bitumen at residential complex of AIIMS PatnaRs.33,22,625/-Administrative approval received
4Development of Horticulture-Survey going on
5Sport complex-Survey going on
63 T MRI Installation-Survey going on


  • Construction in various parts of the institution according to requirement
  • Renovation and maintenance of all constructed buildings
  • Interior work and designing of various parts of institution
  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of pumping system
  • Laying and maintenance of all sewer lines in the campus