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AIIMS Patna provides Intensive Care Unit(ICU) facilities for critically ill patients. ICUs are equipped with advanced equipments like Mechanical Ventilators, Multi-para Monitors with invasive haemodynamic monitoring, EtCO2 Monitoring and EEG Monitoring facilities, Infusion pumps and defibrillators etc.

ICULocationNo. of Beds
Anaesthesiology ICUB5B8
Cardiothoracic Surgery ICUB6B8
Coronary Care UnitC6B5
Medical ICUC1B9
Neonatology ICUB1A6
Neurosurgery ICUB6A8
Pulmonary ICUC3B6
Paediatric ICUD2B14
Paediatric Surgery ICUC2B, CGB12
Trauma ICUT98