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During the Institute's fight against the COVID 19 pandemic, the IT department played an important role in all possible ways, such as disseminating information to the general public through its website, enabling online classes and webinars, arranging online meetings with Ministry or Bihar Government officials, providing online training to health personnel, contactless online registration, and other services.

"Through the provision and planned evolution of technology and related support services, the Information Technology Department proactively facilitates corporate service excellence."

  1. One gigabit per second internet leased line through NKN, with an additional sixteen megabits per second backup internet leased line through BSNL
  2. Hardware Firewall/UTM
  3. Wireless and LAN access throughout the whole campus, including the residential campus
  4. Connectivity between the buildings is provided via wireless and fibre optic networks.
  5. Rack servers with a high level of performance
  6. High-end network-attached storage (NAS) server for Hospital Information System
  7. System for tracking attendance based on biometrics, such as facial recognition
  8. Software for managing Store
  9. Software for keeping track of electricity bills
  10. System for Keeping Track of Files
  11. Web hosting space, and
  12. Telephones with high-speed Internet access

The most significant accomplishments of this cell during the reference period is, Renovation of the Committee room in order to facilitate the seamless operation of online classes and meetings. It installed Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) for the desktops of IPD Wards. For the Research Cell Application, it installed the necessary Windows Server, besides installing a new firewall to improve cyber security. A robust communication channel was accomplished through the use of an Intercom and a CUG, while conceptualizing and implementing a Hospital Information System, and Laboratory Information System (LIS).

The cell installed Wi-Fi throughout the campus and made possible the, live view from the Modular OT to the Auditorium, and an E-Classrooms. The ITCELL + IPD Server Room received cabling and rack management upgrades, and the fiber infrastructure was enlarged to ensure continued connectivity in the event of a failover.

During the COVID 19 epidemic, the IT Cell was successful in organizing online services such as meetings, webinars, trainings, HIS, PACS, and so on.

NameDesignationDate of Joining
Faculty I/C IT:
Dr. Abhyuday KumarAssociate Professor
IT In-Charge:
Mr. Anand KumarIT In-Charge
Support Staffs (Outsourced):
Mr. Bikash Kumar SinghIT Executive10 January 2020
Mr. Brajesh KumarIT Executive10 January 2020
Mr. Ritesh RajIT Executive8 January 2021
Mr. Jeetendra KumarIT Executive27 November 2021
Mr. Abhishek Kumar VermaIT Executive1 March 2022